IDEAL-TRIDON® offers an extensive blister pack product line. Blister packs offer ease of visibility, attractive packaging and convenient quantities. Various bandwidths, material specifications, size options and assortments are available. Popular blister pack products add value by offering customers a quick and easy way to locate the clamp they need and purchase the smaller quantity that they are looking for.

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Part NumberDescriptionPack QtySAE SizeMin (in)Max (in)Min (mm)Max (mm)Band Mat.Housing Mat.Screw Mat.Band width
372150016058SmartSeal® 37215 Series2161-3/321-9/322833300 SS300 SS300 SS1/2
372150020058SmartSeal® 37215 Series2201-1/81-9/162940300 SS300 SS300 SS1/2
372150024058SmartSeal® 37215 Series2241-1/21-13/163846300 SS300 SS300 SS1/2
372150028058SmartSeal® 37215 Series2281-3/42-1/164352300 SS300 SS300 SS1/2
372150036058SmartSeal® 37215 Series2362-1/82-9/165365300 SS300 SS300 SS1/2
372150040058SmartSeal® 37215 Series2402-5/162-13/165871300 SS300 SS300 SS1/2
5004058Emergency Clamp Kit Asmt.
62M and 50 Series
64, 12, 28
(2 each)
1/42-1/4657200 SS200 SSPCS5/16, 9/16
5012058Hy-Gear® 50 Series2121/21-1/41332200 SS200 SSPCS9/16
5020058Hy-Gear® 50 Series2203/41-3/41944200 SS200 SSPCS9/16
5028058Hy-Gear® 50 Series2281-1/42-1/43257200 SS200 SSPCS9/16
5036058Hy-Gear® 50 Series2363/42-3/41970200 SS200 SSPCS9/16
5048058Hy-Gear® 50 Series2481-1/23-1/23889200 SS200 SSPCS9/16
5202058Micro-Gear® 52M Series441/45/8616SSPCSPCS5/16
5203058Micro-Gear® 52M Series465/167/8822SSPCSPCS5/16
520405852 Series Asmt.64, 12, 28
(2 each)
1/42-1/4657SSPCSPCS5/16, 1/2
521205852 Series2121/21-1/41332SSPCSPCS1/2
522005852 Series2203/41-3/41944SSPCSPCS1/2
522805852 Series2281-1/42-1/43257SSPCSPCS1/2
523605852 Series2361-3/42-3/44470SSPCSPCS1/2
524805852 Series2482-1/23-1/26489SSPCSPCS1/2
526405852 Series2642-1/24-1/264114SSPCSPCS1/2
5512058Hy-Gear® 57 Series2121/21-1/41332200 SS200 SSPCS1/2
5520058Hy-Gear® 57 Series2203/41-3/41944200 SS200 SSPCS1/2
5528058Hy-Gear® 57 Series2281-1/42-1/43257200 SS200 SSPCS1/2
5536058Hy-Gear® 57 Series2363/42-3/41970200 SS200 SSPCS1/2
6204058Micro-Gear® 62P Series445/165/8816300 SS300 SSPCS5/16
6206058Micro-Gear® 62P Series465/167/8822300 SS300 SSPCS5/16
52F1358Micro-Gear® 62P Series4137/161/21113PCSPCS9 mm
52F1558Micro-Gear® 62P Series4151/29/161315PCSPCS9 mm
52F1658Micro-Gear® 62P Series4169/165/81416PCSPCS9 mm
5Y00158Turn-Key® 5Y Series Asmt.64, 6, 12, 20, 28, 36
(1 each)
5/162-3/4870200 SS300 SSPCS5/16, 1/2
5Y01258Turn-Key® 5Y Series2121/21-1/41332200 SS300 SSPCS1/2
5Y02058Turn-Key® 5Y Series2203/41-3/41944200 SS300 SSPCS1/2
5Y02858Turn-Key® 5Y Series2281-1/42-1/43257200 SS300 SSPCS1/2
5Y03658Turn-Key® 5Y Series2361-3/42-3/44470200 SS300 SSPCS1/2
5Y04858Turn-Key® 5Y Series2482-1/23-1/26489200 SS300 SSPCS1/2
5Y06458Turn-Key® 5Y Series2642-1/24-1/264114200 SS300 SSPCS1/2
6Y00458Turn-Key® 6Y Series Asmt.44, 6
(2 each)
5/167/8822200 SS300 SSPCS5/16

SS = Stainless Steel   PCS = Plated Carbon Steel